was developed because employers often complained that agencies rarely got it right ...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 was developed because employers often complained that agencies rarely got it right, their media ads weren’t getting the right candidate and head hunters were expensive and, often, took too far long. 

As an employer it seemed that shortlists are compiled of ‘not-quite-good-enough’ people, most recruiter contracted staff cost the earth due to their excessive profits and media advertising never really provides enough cost-effective space to give the details needed.

“We kept seeing employers paying large amounts of money for people who were not really what they were hoping for,” explains Jim Hurson, who was an employer himself, as well as working with a wide range of industries in a consultancy role.  “We read about exploitation of contract workers – and employers – by the agencies and decided it was time to take action.”

Jim and other employers with whom he worked were conscious that the right people are critical to the success of any organisation.  After some discussion with various clients, it was apparent that, if there was a direct route that took less effort and allowed them to talk directly to the candidates, they would be very interested!. The result was

Discussion with potential candidates established that, with enough information, they were much more likely to only select those roles that they felt they matched well (unlike the small amount of information a media ad allows).

“ is the new way to recruit construction people in the UK – no agencies, no recruiters, no middlemen, no fees – just the employer and the candidate finding a good fit,” says Jim.